Biz Greek Shopping Why to buy the Apple MacBook Air 13 inch?

Why to buy the Apple MacBook Air 13 inch?


Specifications of the MacBook Air 13 inch

It comes with a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and has a turbo boost up to 2.9 GHz. The best part many consider is the 720p FaceTime camera that displays HD quality picture and is great video calling. The operating system in Apple MacBook Air 13-inch is MacOS that gives power to everything that you do on Mac.

The MacBook air 13 inch has full size USB slots and it also has an SD card slot like this it becomes easier for the camera to transfer the media.

Long Battery Life

Loved for its long battery life it is appreciated for its high performing battery. MacBook Air has the longest battery life in the group. The battery of any gadget is largely based upon the efficiency and power of the processor and that is the reason behind MacBook Air of becoming the best performer in the lot.

It can last upto 12 hours after once it is charged and you can keep it unplugged and enjoy its various features. The standby time provided by the laptop is almost of 30 days and after that when you come back you can begin working from where you left.

Dual Mics

You get a pair of dual mics in the laptop. It will be great for you when you want to be heard. While you are making a facetime call the mics will reduce the noise being created at the background of the notebook. At times when you wish to use the dictation feature, at that time it creates an adaptive audio beam that adjusts itself automatically to detect your voice. Instead of the voice around you.

Multi-Touch Trackpad

The multi-touch trackpad in MacBook Air is more intuitive and direct. The multi-touchpad is very spacious and is perfectly designed for it. The gesture control responses are realistic and smooth. Whenever you are scrolling up and down a page or switching from one app to another you will feel like you are touching what you are seeing.

LED backlit display; You will find millions of pixels in it

The new resolution will make you feel that you are looking at a much larger screen. The resolution of MacBook Air is 1366 by 768 pixels and it has LED backlights that will make the colors bright and vibrant from edge to edge. You will love the visuals on MacBook Air from editing pictures, watching movies to perfecting a presentation you are going to love everything.

Backlit Keyboard

Although the MacBook Air is compact and comfortable still it fits a large keyboard in it. The keyboard is backlit, and it is very easy to type even the dimmest light. There is a built-in light sensor that detects any kind of changes made in the lighting conditions and accordingly, it adjusts and the brightness of the keyboard automatically.

Make easy and powerful connections with USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2

Thunderbolt 2 is fast just like the previous generation, with the latest technology. Apple device has 3 USB ports so you can connect all the latest USB devices and all the USB 2 devices. You can transform MacBook into a complete workstation from a portable notebook.

Now, with the superb set of features that it has you might have started thinking of buying the all-new Apple MacBook, Right? But the sky-high price might stop you from buying it. If this is the case, then you can also buy refurbished MacBook air online. If you buy refurbished MacBook air 13 inches online then you will get even better deals. So, why spend your hard-earned cash on buying the new phone when you can get all the best things in a refurbished phone.

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