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5 Ways to Get Better Deals While Shopping Online


This November 2018, brands will be hosting an incredible sale for the first time in history! It is the 11.11 Sale! 11th November is known to be China’s Single’s Day and it is also the biggest shopping spree of the world. China’s greatest e-commerce giant, Alibaba, chose this day to organize a large-scale online sale. Since then, it became a yearly shopping festival where the sales stay for 24 hours featuring some heavy discounts and you get your desired products at a steal price!  This year, you will be experiencing the Daraz 11.11 Sale and 11.11 deals as well. If you are running out of clothes or maybe planning to upgrade your phone, if your house needs a revamp or you need some home appliances, worry no more! The 11.11 Sale will be your ultimate solution this year! It is going to be a shopping festival you’ve never experienced before.  You will get discounted deals on almost all the products you wish to purchase. Don’t forget to mark your calendars because the sale begins on 11th November at midnight and ends in exactly 24 hours!

As a shopper, we all gear up to make the most of online sales and only a few are able to grab some really good deals and maximize their savings. One reason behind this is that sales do not always offer real rebates specially on products that you really want to purchase.

Here are some ways to help you grab the best deals when you plan on shopping online and this is not specific for sales.

  1. Shop Incognito

A number of websites offer dynamic pricing which is usually location-based, history and past shopping based and even based on browsing history. This also means that the website will recognize you as an old customer and prices will also change accordingly. Discounts and rewards are usually offered to new customers. There are also ways to overcome this. You can simply open the incognito or private window and shop or you can even clear your browsing history and cookies continuously. One more trick is to use a different email ID or phone number from different family members so as to avail first user discounts.

  1. Add Browser Extensions for Coupon Codes

Some online stores like BuyHatke, ShopSmart, AfterCoupon India and MakkhiChoose have browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. These scan for discounts and coupon cards automatically and apply them at the time of checkout from e-commerce websites. So, you don’t really have to manually check different websites for coupon codes. Also, some of these websites offer price alerts and price comparison options as well. You can install the extensions in a few simple steps.

Install Extension in Google Chrome
1. Open the Google Chrome Web Store.
2. Find the extension and select the one you want.
3. Click ‘Add to Chrome‘.
4. Some extensions might need installation permissions or data. To approve, click ‘Add Extension‘.

3. Check Price Comparison Sites, Set Price Alerts 

There is the number of online platforms like websites and mobile apps that offer several price comparisons such as MySmartPrice, CompareRaja, PriceDekho, BuyHatke and Smartprix that allow you to compare the prices and choose the one with lowest prices as well. This means that when you are planning to shop for a product, the lowest price product will appear for you and you can choose that. These sites allow you to compare specific products or services like electronic gadgets, mobile phones, air tickets, hotels etc. Some apps also show you price alerts that are conveyed to you either by push notifications on sites or emails about the price fluctuations and sales etc. Some also offer a history of products and your Wishlist so they let you know the best time to buy the product.

  1. Abandon the Shopping Cart

One clever strategy to bag rebates while shopping online is to add all your desired products to the shopping cart ad then leave the website without purchasing them. If you abandon the site like that, they will send you emails regarding those particular products and keep you updated about sales and deals too. This shopping cart abandonment makes the website remind you about pending sales or will nudge you into buying the product on some discount or deal. You can always try it out even though all the websites do not react to such stuff or offer deals.

  1. Use Mobile Wallets and Credit Cards

Sometimes mobile wallets and credit cards also offer some extra deals and discounts just like flipkart and Mastercard offer priceless surprises during online sales. Most credit or debit cards offer good deals on dining, ticket booking and a lot of other services all around the year.

One example is the HDFC cards are currently offering some good amount of discount and priority check-in on SpiceJet bookings as well. In the same way, shopping via mobile wallets like Paytm, PayUmoney, MobiKwik, Citrus, ICICI Pockets and SBI Buddy, will also ensure good discounts and offer cashback as well.

Now that you know a few tips and tricks to avail some extra discounts, keep them in your mind while you’re shopping online and make the most of these online sales!

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