Biz Greek Viral News Heart-wrenching video of a cyclist narrowly escaped the train collision

Heart-wrenching video of a cyclist narrowly escaped the train collision


ProRail recently uploaded a video of a cyclist narrowly escaping a collision with a freight train in the Netherlands. The video has become a viral news and people are shocked that the cyclist almost got wrecked while crossing the rail tracks.

ProRail is a government authorized railway corporation and they have uploaded this video to make sure that people will be more cautious while crossing the railway line.

No wonder, this is a unique approach used by ProRails and for the same reason, it has become a trending news today.

What has happened

Just a week ago, ProRails uploaded a video of heart-wrenching incident that was captured in their CCTV cameras. In the video, we can clearly see a cyclist, who arrived at an unguarded railway crossing. As the freight was coming from his left he waited for it to pass.

As soon as the first train passed him, the cyclist starts to cross the railway tracks, unaware of the second train (a passenger train) which is coming from his right side and was hidden behind the first train. By the time he gets alarmed by the passenger train, he was already in the middle of the track and right in front of the Train.

In an attempt to save his life, cyclist started to pick up his pace and luckily crossed the track on time, alive. It was a near miss, and just a second delay could have caused a big accident.

In the beginning, he was patiently waiting at the crossing but as soon as the first train passed him he started to cross the track, without making sure if the track is safe to cross or not. Because of his carelessness and not following the basic rules of crossing a railway track could have ended his life.

You can say it was his lucky day as he has escaped his death. I bet the cyclist must be shivering after the incident. The video is undoubtedly heart wrenching, and it has become a trending news in India.

What authorities have to say?

Geert Vlogman, manager and stakeholder of the ProRails said, facing these kinds of situation is not easy for anyone, not for the driver, not even for the cyclist. These locomotives are very powerful machines and they won’t stop immediately. Which is why avoiding collision is very hard for the drivers. Officials have asked the public to be more cautious while crossing the railway tracks, wait until the train wholly passed by. We should always make sure that the crossing light is green and there is no train coming from either side.

In Conclusion

This unique attempt of spreading awareness by ProRail might have worked for Dutch people. But in India, we face the same situation almost every other day. People don’t follow the rules and walking over the train tracks or crossing tracks from the middle is a big deal for them.

But do you think if Indian Railways also create some viral news of accidents captured in camera due to someone’s carelessness can raise awareness in India as well? I really doubt that.

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