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10 Best Apps for Your Overall Health


Until and unless we get proper guidance, we ain’t ready for stepping on the stone. Target is a very small term to define our mission and goal for being healthy. How about we get monitored for our day to day activity without any pressure? Sounds interesting, right! This is the same role that health apps make. From fat burn, weight loss, daily workouts, spirituality to maintaining the blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol, diabetes, etc; health apps can be best suited for the purpose.

Let’s check out some of the amazing health apps for improving your overall health.

#1: MyFitnessPal: For a healthy diet

This is an absolute free smart application available on iOS and Android. It is one of the known applications for tracking your daily food intake. You can learn about the calorie count, the list of ingredients to include in your diet, keep your personal diary to understand your eating habits and save meals and recipes available for you 24/7. This app has over 11 million foods in its database.

#2: Elevate: For Brain Training

Your brain’s capacity to store is considered to be unlimited. Yet every brain has different functioning. Get a personalised app only designed for you which can help you boost your confidence and stay productive by sharpening your mental skills. This brain training app helps you to get trained with 35+ games where you can build your skills in math, reading, writing and listening.

#3: Moodpath: For depression and anxiety

If you struggle anytime with your emotions and mental health, Moodpath’s MindDoc app is the answer. There are times when you wish to pour out your thoughts.MindDoc works exactly in the same path. It lets you answer three different questions daily to get more insights on your mood changing patterns and determine the areas of improvements. Later, it generates reports on your symptoms and synopsis of the same is given through meditation, sleep aids and other relevant resources. 

#4: Aaptiv: For fitness

If I say you can get more than 30 new fitness classes every week, that would be an ice breaker, right? Aaptiv Health App has popular categories on which you get Treadmill, strength training, outdoor running, indoor cycling, yoga and elliptical. According to your category and preference, you can plan your schedule and start with your trial on improving your health. Daily exercise and a suitable guide would surely make it possible.

#5: Remente: For self-improvisation

You need to have life-changing behaviour. Your baby steps would help you to cross big ladders. Remente is available for Mac and Windows. Here, you set your goals, be productive and improve your self- well being. Simply by specifying the app as to how life-changing activities you need to perform, half job is done. Invest your time wisely by planning your daily routine in advance. Pre-planned activities are always better than rushing over things.

#6: Health Pal: For weight loss

It works as a weight loss coach and pedometer. Your daily activities like running, Walking,
regular exercise, burning/gaining calories, etc are being monitored and tracked through the help of this application. Nowadays, it has an inbuilt and whole new designed features like: Calculating Waist Height Ratio, (Body Mass Index) BMI, Ponderal Index, and Weight Loss Calculators. Health Pal: Easy and hassle-free to use.

#7: Fabulous: For self-care

The fabulous journey was through the inspiration taken from two inspiring stories: “The Little Prince” and “The Alchemist”. Sami, The CEO of the Fabulous app came up with this idea of building an application where people can follow their heart and improve. What can you get from fabulous? Daily coach, self-discipline, structured life, healthy habits, quality work. You can build your own rituals by following the athletes and entrepreneurs of your choice.

#8: ShopWell: For better food choices

ShopWell is a specifically designed personalised app for your diet plan. Consider your visit to nutritionists and pay tons of money to get your meal plan. How convenient is to find out your dietary goals, allergies, likes, dislikes, health concerns all on your own! This is an easy and fun way to shop for better food choices. Adding some filters and finding out the right choice for you is the goal built by ShopWell.

#9: HealthTap: For Telemedicine

HealthTap is a telemedicine app available 24/7. You can get high-quality doctor’s treatment whom you trust from any device. It gives you virtual care and identifies the symptoms for an effective diagnosis. Whether you have your insurance or not, HealthTap is available everywhere. You work, travel or be at home, it can reach you with all ease. Here, doctors are highly qualified and board-certified with medical licensing that you can trust.

#10: Sleepcycle: For regular sleeping patterns

All of us have a terrible sleep cycle due to workload or stress. The Sleepcycle app wakes you up on the lightest sleep phase without any conventional alarm. This improves the sleep cycle patterns by having an inbuilt microphone device and an accelerometer. This helps you to analyze your movements correctly with which you can take care of it the next time. Place your phone properly or set it on flight mode. This won’t bother your sleep as well!

When you can make use of technology to the fullest, why not make the best out of it. Download your favourite app from the play store now!

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