7 Everlasting Tips For E-Commerce Sites


With the continuously evolving e-commerce business and the never-ending changes in the digital world and devices, it is becoming more and more important for e-commerce sites portals to keep up with this volatile nature of this business, and hence be more connected and closer to its potential customers.

Losing the grip on the potential customers is the worst nightmare for any cultivating e-commerce business, therefore an online store is expected to stay relevant and up-to-date, at all times.

Below mentioned are 7 tips for an e-commerce site, that want to boost their performance level. Incorporating these tips, help the online business portals to stay relative and hence multiply their sales.

Making a good first impression

In just about 50 milliseconds, users decide if they like a particular site or not, and after that, they then take a decision to make purchases. Where on the other hand an e-commerce site never even get a second chance to amplify their first impression(harsh right?). To resolve this problem, e-commerce sites need to be as creative as possible, because this technique enables them to gain a lifetime of regular customers. Investing time in creating the best designs possible, that attract the users without confusing them, is one of the great techniques. This allows the user to have a visually comfortable experience, which in turn helps the site to sell.

Prioritize customer needs

Since it is not possible for an e-commerce business to let their customers touch, try and feel the product before making a decision, they need to cover this short-coming in the different area of their business. Other ways to attract users and keep them attached to the e-commerce sites is by offering better pricing, on-time delivery, and making the online shopping process as short as possible. These extra efforts help the e-commerce site to prioritize customer needs and hence motivates them to shop more.

Being mobile friendly

A study shows that the average person spends to 100 mins every day on their mobile, hence it becomes necessary for an e-commerce site to be as mobile friendly as possible. When an e-commerce site is mobile friendly, it enables the customers to make a purchase, irrespective of their location and time. When a business does not build its e-commerce website keeping mobile in mind, it is possible that in future the entire business becomes irrelevant. It is extremely important for an e-commerce business to be next to their potential customers, so if the customers are on mobile, then the business should be too.

Create a social media presence

Being socially absent or neglecting social media, is one of the worst decisions for any e-commerce business, as social media plays the role of, the heart of the business. Social media is the core of the decision-making platform for any business, as it gives endless uninterrupted glances into the lives of the customers. An e-commerce business can use incredibly powerful marketing techniques, to compel potential customers on social media. Socially designed layouts, promoting e-commerce sites on social media is directly proportional to the increase in sales.

Staying on top of SEO

Seeing the rapid growth of the e-commerce economy, more and more businesses are entering this increasingly crowded space. Hence, it is required that e-commerce sites improve their position in search engines. According to research, most of the users, only check out the top 3 results of their Google searches. Optimizing the titles, URL, and descriptions, provide useful and fresh content and improve the website’s loading time. Building a website without SEO is like building a road without any direction.

Creating a simple sign-up process and effective customer support

Avoiding lengthy and complicated sign-up process, that is time-consuming, successfully motivates the customers to register on the e-commerce site. Cutting back on the unnecessary details of the customers is one of the ways to simplify the signing-up process.

The benefits of good customer support are endless. Providing effective customer support, helps the customers to resolve, any kind of glitches they face while making a purchase from the online shopping site, for example, product delivering problems, return policy, etc.

Securing customer’s data

An e-commerce website is incomplete without, personal data security and proper content management. Since there is absolutely no physical human interaction on e-commerce sites, it is required to gain the customers’ confidence and make them feel secure, by providing them complete security of their personal data. Practicing this, enables customers to place an order, on the site without worrying about the security issues. Many customers get attracted to a reputable e-commerce site, ensuring their data safety. Incorporating techniques like asking for a strong password, tracking all orders, are some of the few ways in which an e-commerce site increases its security.


Since the customers do not have a physical experience with any e-commerce business, as they cannot see or touch an e-commerce store in person, they hugely rely on the functionality that the e-commerce site offers. Customers need to feel comfortable with all the features of an online store.

I hope the above-mentioned tips, prove to be of great use and hence guide the e-commerce sites to be more functional and practical. One such e-commerce site, that offers best features to its customers’, and hence, builds a body of trust with the buyer is, WAKI.

WAKI, an e-commerce platform, that is based in Saudi Arabia, carters to everyone and encompasses every need of users, ranging from apparels, fashion, food and what not. WAKI successfully incorporates all the functionality required for providing a good customer experience.

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